OuR Nursery

Welcome to the TLC  Childcare Centre. Our childcare centres are situated in Fgura and Msida. Both nurseries provide a safe, consistent and excellent childcare that promotes the physical, social, emotions and cognitive development of young children.  We accept children from 3 months of age up to 3 years of age.

Enrollement to our schools is easy, click here for the enrollement sheet and here for the Free Child Care Scheme form.


To provide an inclusive, safe, stimulating and caring environment for children. Thus through play we encourage, support and nurture each child's physical, social, emotional, intellectual and cultural development.

At TLC Childcare Centre we embrace the child, and the period of childhood as a unique and important stage of life. We are committed to seeing each child within the context of their family and extending childcare to include the carers and teachers at the Centre. This commitment includes quality care and learning (meaning overall development) for every child


Our goal is the realisation of each child’s full potential for intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth.  We work to strengthen each child’s concept.  As a daycare facilty we provide and maintain a high level of childcare in compliance with the government’s National Standards at all times.  Our members of staff are fully qualified and dedicated to make each child’s experience a memorable one.  Both our centre ar registered and licensed in accordance with Malta Child Welfare Agency

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